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Impulse APT Design Protocol   
The Impulse APT design protocol is a series of guidelines which were developed as part of the design process for our range of flexible, cost-effective rack-mount PCs, the CobraRack.
Industrial and embedded computing innovation empowers Industry 4.0   
Advances in technology have narrowed the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Intelligent, interconnected devices and systems can now seamlessly support and optimise companies activities along their value chains. Many manufacturing professionals are starting to refer to this as "Industry 4.0".
IP69K rating explained    
IP69K is the current highest rating on the Ingress Protection (IP) rating system, an internationally recognised scale that relates to proven protection against environmental factors such as liquids and solids. This article helps explain the basics of the IP rating sytem and also focuses on the highest level of protection, nameley IP69K.
Marine computing with the tBOX330-870-FL from Axiomtek   
The tBOX330-870-FL comes with the choice of two processors, the Intel Core i7-3517UE and Intel Core i3-3217UE. The Intel Core i7-3517UE is the preferred processor of choice for most marine applications due to its ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. However, for cost sensitive applications the Intel Core i3-3217UE version may be suitable if raw processing power is less of a priority.
Utilising conditioning modules to overcome sensor signal interference   
The need to measure and control the operation of machinery or process equipment is as old as the industrial revolution. Instrumentation has now become the nerves and brain of the modern manufacturing facility. It regulates and supervises the operation of the equipment within the facility. It also provides the means to make manufacturing facilities economically viable by monitoring and controlling accuracy of its automation process.
Impulse empower innovation at Embedded World 2015    
In a time when industry shows seem to get smaller and smaller Embedded World 2015 seems to buck that trend. The Embedded World Exhibition and Conference is regarded as the world’s largest exhibition for embedded computing technologies with two internationally renowned conferences attracting the embedded community to Nuremberg, Germany from 24–26 February 2015.
Product Roundup – The latest Machine Vision computers from Neousys   
The Nuvis-3304af is the flagship machine vision embedded computer from Neousys. Based on the Intel QM76 chipset, the Nuvis-3304af provides both the performance and reduced power consumption required for factory and production line applications.
Product Roundup – The latest industrial embedded computing products from Axiomtek   
The eBOX670-883 is the latest flagship rugged fanless embedded computer available from Axiomtek. Featuring an LGA1150 based socket and Intel Q87 chipset, the eBOX670-883 supports the latest 4th generation Intel ‘Haswell’ Core i7/i5/i3 and Celeron processors up to 35W TDP.
Product Roundup – Remote I/O and compact embedded computers   
The ioLogik E1200 series remote I/O modules come with two switched Ethernet ports to allow the free flow of information downstream, to another local ioLogik E1200 device, or upstream to a control server.The daisy-chain capabilities of the ioLogik E1200 series not only increases the extensibility and installation possibilities for your remote O/P applications, but also lowers overall costs by reducing the need for separate Ethernet switches.
Product Roundup - The latest Intel Bay Trail products   
The GENE-BT05 is the latest in the AAEON GENE family to feature the latest Intel Celeron N2930 and N2807 Bay Trail embedded processors.In true embedded style the GENE-BT05 is completely fanless and offers a choice of industry specific I/O including configurable serial, dual gigabit Ethernet, mini PCI-Express expansion and more.
The difference between NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000   
The NMEA 0183 protocol was first introduced in 1983 as a voluntary industry standard for data communication among ship-based electronic devices. NMEA 0183 uses a simple ASCII based serial communication protocol similar to RS-422.
The process of colour calibrating ECDIS displays   
The move from traditional navigation to ECDIS has been firmly underlined as a means to further increase safety in ship navigation.For most commercial and industrial shipping applications, accuracy and colour representation in navigation is absolutely essential. The human eye is easily misled in its perception of colour due to varying environmental influences such as ambient lighting and local light sources.
The importance of DNV certification   
When you picture a product that is DNV certified you may imagine it meeting certain environmental or EMI requirements. However, DNV certification encompasses much more than the physical characteristics of a product.In today’s competitive business environment, effective management systems are invaluable.
Product Roundup – Marine Displays and Serial Device Servers   
Marine Displays and Serial Device Servers product roundup, covering 19” and 24” ECDIS Approved Marine Displays, and NPort Ethernet and Wireless Serial Device Servers.
Product Roundup - PICMG 1.3 SBC, Multi-touch LCD display and compact embedded PC   
Although not a common form factor in the world of commercial computing, the PICMG 1.3 form factor has been the fundamental backbone of industrial computer platforms for almost a decade.The PICMG 1.3 form factor shows no signs of slowing down and is why Axiomtek have decided to bring out a new full size plug-in board based on the latest generation of Intel Core series processors, the SHB130.
Product Roundup - Data acquisition modules and Haswell Mini-ITX motherboard   
Data acquisition modules and Haswell Mini-ITX motherboard product roundup, covering the EDAM-5000 Series Low cost data acquisition modules, and the EMB-QM87A Haswell based Mini-ITX Motherboard
Product Roundup - Bay Trail Embedded PC, Bay Trail Mini-ITX Motherboard and Industrial Server Motherboard   
Bay Trail Embedded PC, Bay Trail Mini-ITX Motherboard and Industrial Server Motherboard product roundup, covering the EC700-BT Intel Bay Trail based compact embedded PC, EMB-BT1, Intel Bay Trail based Mini ITX motherboard and the RL830 Industrial grade server EATX motherboard.
Weekly Product Roundup - PICO-ITX SBCs, COM Express Modules and USB Data Acquisition Modules   
PICO880 - Haswell based PICO-ITX SBC from AxiomtekThe PICO880 from Axiomtek is a high performance yet energy efficient PICO-ITX single board computer based on the latest generation "Haswell" I
Ethernet Extenders – A cost-effective way to extend your Ethernet network   
Extending your Ethernet network beyond the 100m Ethernet limitation normally involves implementing fibre cables. However, deploying a new fibre infrastructure can be difficult to justify both in cost and time.Impulse now offers a cost-effective solution to this problem, the IEX-402-SHDSL and IEX-402-VDSL series of Ethernet extenders from Moxa.
Fanless industrial computers - What are the benefits?   
One of the greatest challenges when designing an industrial computer is to deliver a product that meets industrial standards and can operate in harsh environments. This challenge is often made greater due to the fact that many industrial users prefer the durability of devices that do not use fans and cables. Intelligent thermal design makes its makes it possible to overcome these limitations and ensure industrial-grade quality and standards.
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