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Impulse Launch Advantech ADAM-6100 Series Ethernet Remote I/O Modules
5B Modules
ADAM Remote I/O Modules
ADAM-2000 range of wireless remote I/O modules available from Impulse
April 2012 - Dataforth Instrument Class Signal Conditioning Modules available from Impulse
August 2012 - Advantech's ultra-low powered ADAM-2000 wireless remote I/O modules
Class I, Division 2 approval on all ADAM-4000 and ADAM-6000 series remote I/O modules
February 2015 - Dataforth Signal Conditioning Modules from Impulse
Impulse commits to the long-term supply of Dataforth 5B Signal Conditioning Modules to the UK market
Impulse Launch Advantech ADAM-6100 Series Ethernet I/O Modules
March 2012 - Low cost C-Programmable Microcontrollers available at Impulse
Intel Atom Low Power Computing now in EPIC Form Factor
PFM-945C – Intel Atom Power in a PC/104 Form Factor
RISC Embedded Computer Offers Unmatched IO & Windows CE 6
IP65 Water-Proof Panel Computing with Intel Atom N270 Support
EPIC-5537 – Wide Temperature LX800 Robust EPIC Platform
RTC-1000 - New 10.2” IP65 Rugged Tablet PC for Harsh Applications
New Low Cost , High Performance Embedded PC
Rugged and Tough – The AEC-6821 AMD LX800 Low Power PC
Atom Based Low Cost Embedded Computing with the AEC-6420
MMT225 – 22” High Brightness LCD Widescreen Medical Monitoring