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PFM-945C – Intel Atom Power in a PC/104 Form Factor
Impulse Launch Advantech ADAM-6100 Series Ethernet Remote I/O Modules
5B Modules
ADAM Remote I/O Modules
ADAM-2000 range of wireless remote I/O modules available from Impulse
April 2012 - Dataforth Instrument Class Signal Conditioning Modules available from Impulse
August 2012 - Advantech's ultra-low powered ADAM-2000 wireless remote I/O modules
Class I, Division 2 approval on all ADAM-4000 and ADAM-6000 series remote I/O modules
February 2015 - Dataforth Signal Conditioning Modules from Impulse
Impulse commits to the long-term supply of Dataforth 5B Signal Conditioning Modules to the UK market
Impulse Launch Advantech ADAM-6100 Series Ethernet I/O Modules
PC/104 form factor
New Low Cost , High Performance Embedded PC
RTC-1000 - New 10.2” IP65 Rugged Tablet PC for Harsh Applications
Rugged and Tough – The AEC-6821 AMD LX800 Low Power PC
AFL-F08A - 8” Flat Bezel Panel PC Offers Fanless Sleek Design
ARK-3360L - Fanless Dual Core Intel Atom PC With Dual LAN
IOVU-751R : 7 Inch RISC Based POE Panel PC
Rugged PC Systems from Impulse
ACP-5182 Wallmount Multi-Touch Panel PC Launched
Panel PC News - Impulse updates its range of Panel PCs
Intel Quark - Intel announces ultra-low powered CPU platform
Impulse expands its range of Advantech Single Board Computers
Impulse expands its range of Advantech Single Board Computers
March 2012 - The latest range of Advantech Single Board Computers is now available at Impulse
New range of Cedar Trail based Single Board Computers, Embedded PCs and Panel PCs available from Impulse
New range of embedded and plug-in single board computers available from Impulse
Impulse announce E600 series Tunnel Creek Single Board Computer
Impulse announce E600 series Tunnel Creek Single Board Computer - GENE-TC05
Impulse launch PCM-9343 ultra low power x86 Single Board Computer
ECDIS calibrated panel computers now available from Impulse
EN50155 Certified Computers
Fanless industrial computers - What are the benefits?
Product Roundup – Remote I/O and compact embedded computers
Product Roundup – The latest Machine Vision computers from Neousys
GENE-LN05 3.5" SubCompact Board with Intel Atom D510 Processor
PCM-9343 - New ultra low power x86 Single Board Computer
PCM-9343 3.5" Single Board Computer now available at Impulse
Impulse unveil new 3.5'' Embedded Board with Intel Atom N450/D510
Impulse launches EMB-LN9T MiniITX Embedded Motherboard
New High Performance ATX Motherboard Available at Impulse
Impulse Introduces New ‘Cedar Trail’ 3.5" Single Board Computer
Impulse launches the GENE-QM77 - The first 'Ivy Bridge' based Single Board Computer from AAEON Technology
RISC Embedded Computer Offers Unmatched IO & Windows CE 6
Windows Embedded Solutions at Impulse
More Windows Embedded Solutions at Impulse
Atom Based Low Cost Embedded Computing with the AEC-6420
Relio R9 Embedded Computer Platform - Product Update
AAEON Launch Eco-Friendly Atom-based Embedded System
New Product - AEC-6620 Ultra Low Fanless Embedded Controller
Impulse launch fanless i7 Embedded Computer - ARK-3440
Impulse launch fanless i7 Embedded Computer - ARK-3440