Impulse extends its range of Moxa Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Impulse extend their range of Industrial Ethernet Solutions from Moxa. The range now covers further options to set up, maintain and troubleshoot your industrial network with ease.
Impulse have now added further products to our extensive range of Moxa industrial Ethernet devices.

Moxa are leaders in the field of industrial Ethernet and Impulse now offer Moxa's full range of Industrial Ethernet devices and solutions, including:
These industrial Ethernet devices are truly tailored to meet the demands of industrial automation applications, ensuring robust industrial reliability, seamless connectivity and complete network security. Our customers regularly choose Moxa industrial Ethernet devices as they help ensure a stable, rugged network infrastructure that provides smooth system operation in the most challenging of industrial applications and environments.

In a world of communication and competition, automation networks now shoulder a growing workload of multiple services in increasingly complex network environments. To succeed, networks need operational and cost efficiency, which means they need cross-system collaboration and integration that consolidates industrial Ethernet devices, fieldbus network devices, and subsystems into one highly available and coordinated network.

For these critical industrial networks, powerful edge-to-core communications is just the first step. To maintain reliability and continuous uptime, easy diagnostic management is also needed. Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions are the product of over 25 years of experience and innovation in automation network convergence. Thanks to Ethernet interoperability, these Moxa industrial Ethernet solutions can help to unify different industrial networks onto one Ethernet standard for wired, wireless and security connectivity.

Converged command, data, voice, and video streams are transmitted over diverse network media across various LANs and WANs through network edge-to-core communication to achieve networking collaboration, as well as plant-to-business cross-network integration. By creating integrated network architectures, Moxa's optimised industrial Ethernet solutions assist our customers in achieving network convergence, which in turn empowers their industrial automation processes and applications.

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Moxa Industrial Ethernet solutions


Moxa Ethernet Devices

  • Millisecond level redundancy
  • Turbo Ring self-healing network recovery in under 20ms
  • Fixes network breaks automatically and quickly
  • Turbo Chain for flexible and redundant ring expansion with cost-saving cabling
  • 50ms Turbo Roaming for seamless wireless connections

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Moxa Network Management Software

  • Easy to install web configuration, aimed at automation and IT engineers
  • Remote administration, mobile app, alerts and live topology monitoring
  • Consistent and uninterrupted communication
  • Reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)

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Moxa Ethernet Devices

  • Certified devices for oil and gas, power and energy, factory automation, rail and intelligent transportation including EN 50121, Class 1 Div 2, ATEX, IEC 61850-3, IECEx and IEEE 1613
  • Rugged, reliable, wide temperature devices for hazardous locations

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Moxa Ethernet Devices

  • Range of support fieldbus devices including, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DNP3, DF1 and PHR/PTP
  • Moxa wireless/cellular gateways allow the connectivity of legacy devices

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Moxa Ethernet Devices

  • Industrial edge-to-core network infrastructure to cover your entire network
  • Selection of over 500 Ethernet switches, ranging from Layer 2/3 high density 10GbE rack-mount models to compact DIN-rail models
  • Moxa’s wireless solutions guarantee the most mobile and reliable WiFi and cellular connectivity
  • Industrial Ethernet Gateways enable seamless communication between networks and the Ethernet backbone
  • NAT/VPN/Firewall Secure Routers include integrated security through cyber-hardened firmware and software

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