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Industrial and embedded computing innovation empowers Industry 4.0
Impulse extends its range of Moxa Industrial Ethernet Solutions
Industrial Cellular
Industrial Ethernet Gateways
Industrial Ethernet Switches
Industrial Network Management
Industrial networking made easy
Industrial Secure Routers
Industrial Wireless LAN
What is an Industrial IoT Gateway?
Axiomtek introduces the GOT5153W-834 slim touch panel computer
The Nuvo-5100VTC - a rugged in-vehicle computer for harsh environments
BOXER-6638U embedded PC offers affordable yet agile computing
BOXER-6640 – Powerful, fanless computing, packed with I/O
Impulse support OpenLV with embedded computing for substations
Intel Skylake empowers new embedded computing devices
Moxa rail computing empowers smarter railways
Assembly and Integration Services
Embedded Software Services
Certification and Approval
Lifetime Technical Support
Revision and Obsolescence Control
Supply Chain Management
Extended Warranty Services
Quality Assurance
Rack-mount PC
Panel PCs
EN50155 & EN50121 products and services for rail system integrators


October 2012 - Introducing the new CobraRack range of industrial rack-mount computer systems
November 2012 - Upgrade your industrial computing infrastructure with the latest Intel Core i7 industrial computing products from Impulse
January 2012 - Why choose Impulse as your industrial computing partner?
July 2012 - Why choose Impulse as your industrial computing and integration partner?
February 2013 - Wide temperature computing with Perfectron's new industrial grade embedded solutions
July 2013 - The latest industrial computing products from Impulse
PCM-9343 - New ultra low power x86 Single Board Computer
April 2012 - Rugged and industrial Touch Screen Displays, Panel PCs and HMIs from Impulse
May 2013 - Find your perfect industrial LCD display with Impulse
Industrial HMI
Industrial Touch Screens
Impulse launch PCM-9343 ultra low power x86 Single Board Computer
Embedded Computer Systems
Mini-ITX Computer Systems
Why choose Advantech Single Board Computers?
March 2012 - The latest range of Advantech Single Board Computers is now available at Impulse
EN50155 Certified Computers
Week 36 Product Roundup – Rail Computers and Thin-client PCs
Fanless industrial computers - What are the benefits?
High Performance Computing
Medical Computing
Cedar Trail - Highly efficient embedded computing
October 2012 - Introducing the new range of stainless steel and waterproof embedded computing systems
Embedded computing in the oil and gas industry
Impulse introduces new range of rugged mobile computing solutions
ARK-3360L - Fanless Dual Core Intel Atom PC With Dual LAN
IOVU-751R : 7 Inch RISC Based POE Panel PC
New Product - eBOX-621-831-FL With Wide DC Input
Sealevel ACC-188 Synchronous Serial Radio Adaptors avaliable from Impulse
Terms and Conditions
Privacy policy
CE and FCC approved
April 2014 - The latest industrial computing products from Impulse
Oil & gas certified products, services and solutions
June 2014 - Oil & gas certified products, services and solutions from Impulse
Sealevel obsolescence support for legacy Digi serial communication products
Marine computing products, services and solutions
July 2014 - Marine computing products and solutions from Impulse
Bay Trail from Intel - Upgrade now with Impulse products and services
Product Roundup - The latest Intel Bay Trail products
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