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System Integration

An introduction to the Impulse system integration facility

Engineering manager Chris Durose discusses options for a custom Windows Embedded installation

Production manager Mark Searle working on a pre-configured system

System Integration facility with brand new, state of the art ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) flooring

Impulse is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of Industrial PC (IPC) systems with over 15 years experience helping our wide range of customers in the designing, assembling and testing of their rack-mount, embedded, mini-ITX, microbox, panel and tablet PC turnkey system requirements.

System integration capabilities

Pre-Configured System Designs

Our experienced Technical Sales and Engineering Teams are able to offer pre-configured systems to your exact specification including processor, memory, storage, operating system and peripheral board options, testing throughly whilst shipping product on often very tight delivery timescales.

Impulse can also customise our standard systems to meet customer specific environmental and EMC requirements and provides a product branding service to deliver your systems with your Company livery, if required.

For this purpose we have a custom built design and integration facility on site at our head office in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.  Impulse also has close links with a number of local fabricators capable of delivering a customised solution when required.

Where many of our competitors are tied to single source supply, Impulse has the ability to pick and choose the best components on the market, allowing us to offer customers more in terms of flexibility and more importantly functionality.  With our extensive experience in deisgning and building industrial and embedded platforms you can rest assured that Impulse will pair components up to compliment each other ensuring the best levels of system performance, reliability and environmental longevity.

We also supply a wide range of supporting products such as industrial monitors, rugged keyboards, KVM products, PCI Express expansion, rack-mount cabinets and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Bespoke System Designs

Impulse can also offer a complete custom design service. We can accept designs via CAD drawings or we can design a system from scratch to suit the customers specification outline.

Any type of project can be undertaken including custom metalwork, painting and screen printing. We can even include full PCB manufacture from original Gerber files if required. This service allows our customers the flexibility to modify or design chassis' and systems to meet their requirements exactly.

We currently build sub-contract solutions for many companies using the their own vendor specifications. Most of these contracts include sourcing of all the components on the bill of materials and building and testing the system to the specifications required.

Systems Scheduling Service

Another service that our customers find beneficial is our build and ship scheduling service. Nearly half of our current order book is for orders scheduled for dates in the future, emphasising not only our reliability as a key supplier and partner, but also making our customers lives easier when forecasting their requirements. This allows Impulse to purchase sufficient stock, build and test systems and then ship to the customer on the dates they require. Orders can even be called off early or pushed out if production plans change.

The most tangible advantage of this system is the cost saving, as larger scheduled orders attract discounts from single purchase prices thus improving customer profit margins.

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